San Pedro Profile

Our identity, vision and values are clearly reflected in the profile we seek to foster in all our students. This profile establishes seven distinct dimensions which promote a comprehensive view of the person and is enriched by the attributes of the International Baccalaureate learner profile.

As an educational community, we strive to integrate the experience of this profile into our educational practices from the various areas of action in which the different agents of our educational project operate.


  • Is aware of his identity and mission as a Christian in the world.
  • Fosters a spiritual life, making it an integral part of his daily life.
  • Researches rigorously and seeks the truth from a holistic perspective.
  • Is self-aware, accepts himself for who he is and works on his personal development comprehensively.
  • Has a profound connection and love for his country, family, school and the world.
  • Is committed with his own reality and educated to serve others.
  • Is well-balanced, disciplined and possesses personal dominion over himself; is educated in a proper use of his personal freedoms.