Well-rounded Education and
Academic Excellence

Choosing the best school for their sons
is one of the most important decisions families ought to make.


Well-Rounded Education

At San Pedro, we focus on an education that is based on the improvement of the different dimensions of a person, ensuring a balanced and complete development.

Our educational proposal

Awakening potentials from Early Years

We encourage growth from the earliest years in a safe and stimulating environment. That is why we offer an approach that focuses on:

  • Early immersion in the English language in a solid and playful way.
  • Close collaboration with parents and accompaniment to create a personalized plan that adapts to the needs of each boy.
  • A wide range of extracurricular workshops from Nursery, encouraging physical and creative development.

Quality education for future leaders

Our educational proposal goes beyond traditional standards. It focuses on strengthening skills and virtues so that each student achieves his goals and develops his full potential.

  • Our academic program encourages students to have a strong ethical, social sense and an openness to transcendence.
  • The IB at San Pedro encourages the maturity and comprehensive growth of our students, promoting autonomous and rigorous learning.
  • We encourage autonomy in learning, exercising their intellectual faculties and developing critical thinking.
  • Our curriculum meets global demands, strengthened by international programs and standardized assessments, preparing students for a future without borders.

In tune with the digital age

At San Pedro, technology is a means to solve problems and transform realities, training our students for a world immersed in it:

  • Technology applied to projects with specific purposes, transforming and improving realities.
  • Developing skills such as patience, resilience and solidarity through problem solving.
  • Encouragement of creativity and critical thinking in the search for solutions to specific problems.
  • Collaborative workspace equipped with cutting-edge technology, promoting innovation.

Cultural expression for comprehensive development

At San Pedro, art and culture go beyond courses. They are transformative tools that help our students to develop essential skills and communicate meaningful messages.

  • Through art, they know themselves, learn to manage their time, resolve conflicts, and develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Artistic activities encourage collaboration and teach students the value of using their talents to work as a team and serve the community.
  • Through the interaction with historical art pieces, they strengthen their Peruvian identity and their love for Peru.
  • They learn to tell stories, write scripts, act, compose music and perform urban artistic interventions, which prepares them for a successful and meaningful future.

Catholic education based on values

We seek that the education we provide is aligned with the family values of our community, as they are essential to forming men of integrity.

They are reflected in every aspect of our teaching, providing our students with a solid foundation for their future.

Catholic spiritual formation

We foster a deep connection with faith and spirituality. Our students learn to live Christian values in their daily lives, deepening the teachings of the Church and strengthening their relationship with God.

Academic and personal excellence

We encourage a love of learning. Our students develop critical and creative skills, learn to make informed and conscious decisions, and prepare for the challenges of the academic and professional world.

Community and social awareness

We promote a strong sense of community and solidarity. Our students learn to value diversity, to be aware of their environment and to become agents of change in society.

“In my professional life, I have realized the importance of what I learned in the Talent Show: Discipline and character development in its historical context. What I’m most interested is making productions that can carry a message of hope around the world”

Bernardo Scerpella

San Pedro alumnus, Class of 2010
Professional actor in film, theater and television

“One of the things that the school gave me to be able to grow in my career is the ability to communicate and build friendships with people from different countries, both in class and at the university”

Celso García

San Pedro alumnus and Economics & Business Economics student at the University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Acompañamiento permanente

Each student is unique, and so we treat him.

Through the Student Personal Plan (PPA), we provide customized attention and guidance to each student.

This personalized approach allows us to get to know them in depth and work hand in hand with their families to help each student reach his full potential.

An exceptional 148-acre campus

Our extensive and well-equipped campus is more than just a place of learning; it is a space that inspires our students to explore, discover, and grow.

Surrounded by nature and with first-class facilities, our students have the perfect environment to thrive.

A united community

San Pedro and Villa Caritas form a single community, providing a coeducational environment.

This integration enables boys and girls to learn to value and respect differences, preparing them for a diverse and globalized world.

The family, an ally in education

We believe that parents are the first educators of their sons.

That is why, at San Pedro, the active involvement of the family is essential.

We work closely with parents to ensure that each student receives the support and guidance necessary for his development.

"While we had a good academic background at the previous school, it lacked that warmth, that feeling of home. It’s good to know that no one at school sees you as a number, but rather as an important family member.”

Lilliegren Larrea family

Partnerships and alliances

British council
Pear deck
Alianza Francesa

Recognition of academic excellence

San Pedro School has been recognized for its academic excellence on multiple occasions due to the outstanding performance of its students in the best universities of Peru and around the world.

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Choosing the best school for their sons is one of the most important decisions families ought to make.