Our Traditions

Growing Together in Community


Our traditions promote personal and academic growth, cultivate intergenerational bonds, and promote family unity and social responsibility in an environment of joy and belonging.

More than a Kermesse

Building values and principles of family coexistence.

The purpose of our Kermesse is the integration of families and students from both schools to share the joy of being together.

All students, teachers and families participate in different recreational activities, such as games, entrepreneurship stands, live music, performances by renowned artists, among other options, creating a conducive and motivating environment for a stronger community.

“The SP Descent”

An emotional celebration that marks the end of the school years and the beginning of adult life.

At the end of their school life, the school bids farewell to the senior students in a meaningful and touching tradition called “La Bajada” or The Descent.

The students descend the stairs together, touring the school facilities, while the entire educational community gathers to say goodbye at each step along the way, creating a very emotional and special moment that is impossible to forget.

Big Brothers

Encouraging integration, responsibility, and solidarity among generations.

During the school year, a student from the graduating class becomes a guiding brother (Big Brother) and shares a series of activities with little boys in Early Years, putting his talents at their service.

In this way, the big brothers develop leadership, communication and authority skills, giving the opportunity to the younger ones to meet and identify with their “Big Brothers” and with the school.

Cultural Week

Understanding «culture» beyond the artistic.

Each year, a “generating theme” is proposed, which becomes the main focus of the annual activities. In 2023 this theme was: “Let our footprints tell our story. And you, what footprint do you want to leave?”

All the students participate in various interdisciplinary projects, which respond to the generating theme from different approaches: Scientific, artistic, humanities, technological, sports, etc.

These projects help students to become aware of the realities of Peru, giving them the opportunity to create solutions that improve society.

At the end, the projects are evaluated by both an external and an internal jury, and the winner is announced on the night of the ICTYS Awards.

School Games

Experiencia que fomenta la integración SPVC

During the anniversary month of our schools, the four Houses (St. Matthew, St. John, St. Luke, and St. Mark) compete in different sports. The teams are made up of students from San Pedro and Villa Caritas schools, alumni, parents and staff.

The purpose is that everyone participates, each member earning points for the House they belong to, so that, as a team, they reach the much-desired victory.

ICTYS Awards

Each year, the dedication and effort of our students is honored.

The ICTYS Awards crown the generating theme of the year.

The ceremony recognizes the winners of both schools in the categories of Communication, Science, and Cultural Projects.

Christmas Carol Night

The entire SPVC and La Molina community unites in the same Christmas spirit.

It is a family event organized by the Parents’ Association (APAFA) since 2016. It begins with a torchlight walk around the school, where students and parents sing carols.

There are also artistic performances, live music and the lighting of the Advent Wreath Candle, thus generating a beautiful Christmas celebration.

Marian Tribute

Holy Mary, Mother and model that illuminates our school.

In May, the month of Mary, we express our gratitude and affection to our Mother through a significant tribute.

The students of the graduating class carry in procession the Virgin litter and are received by the whole community in the coliseum, where they honor Mary with floral arrangements and songs.

Talent Show

Cultivating artistic gifts.

It consists of a high-level staging carried out by a cast of actors, musicians and a choir of more than 100 students from both schools. The event gathers more than 3500 spectators during each season.

Its educational purpose is for students to learn the meaning of service through artistic gifts, the value of responsibility, respect for the effort of others, teamwork, listening, and discipline.

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