22 years ago, San Pedro School opened its doors to offer a differentiated Catholic educational proposal with co-education spaces, focused on academic excellence, integral training and personalized accompaniment, working in conjunction with the students families.

We started our first classes in the year 1997 with 118 students and the support of a group of families in the last few classrooms of our sister school, Villa Caritas, sharing their facilities. Students and teachers from both schools began learning what would be one of the most attractive features of our educational project: “Two Schools, one educational community”.

In 1999 we moved to our new facilities, ready to offer natural, spacious, safe and quiet spaces that integrated 60 hectares in the hills of Rinconada del Lago. It was possible to create a modern atmosphere with the help of Cooper, Graña and Nicolini companies. The synergy added strong but sober lines, harmoniously integrated with the natural landscape.

Presently, our San Pedro and Villa Caritas Schools are the only ones in the country that offer differentiated training spaces where students have shared spaces to carry out pedagogical, cultural, sport events and charity projects, allowing their bonds of friendship to strengthen as they achieve greater maturity and training.