Art, Culture, Theater and Cinema

Transformational Art


Through art, our students convey a message with the hope of transforming the world around them.

Through art, our students learn:

Talent Show

Cultivating artistic gifts

It consists of a high-level staging carried out by a cast of actors, musicians and a choir of more than 100 students from both schools. The event gathers more than 3500 spectators during each season.

Its educational purpose is for students to learn the meaning of service through artistic gifts, the value of responsibility, respect for the effort of others, teamwork, listening, and discipline.

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Nuestros proyectos

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Creatívita Films

With the support of the University of Lima

Students from both schools learn to tell a story for films, write the script and act in front of the camera. The film premieres on the Netzun and Tondero platforms, and the funds go to charity.

The University of Lima provides high-quality equipment for filming. The film has guest actors from the Peruvian film and television industry, such as Bruno Odar, Gonzalo Torres, and Gustavo Mayer, among others.

Nuestros proyectos

Watch our movies from previous years

Creatívita Music

With the support of the UPC

Thanks to the alliance with the UPC School of Music, the students produce an album, and along the way they learn to compose, create musical pieces and transform a composition into a final product.

At the end of the project, the songs are recorded in a studio, added to Spotify and released in a concert, to which the whole community is invited.

Creatívita Art

With the support of the UCAL

Creatívita Art seeks to improve the quality of life through design and urbanism. Together with the UCAL, the students carry out an urban artistic intervention, which can go from the creation of a mural to improving the public spaces of a community.

Bicentennial Museum

Strengthening the bond with the community.

The school has a collection of 200 Vicus cultural pieces donated by Elke McDonald and exhibited at the Bicentennial Museum. This space fosters meaningful experiences in which Peruvian identity and love for our country are strengthened.

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