We prepare our students to be leading players in the comprehensive and solidary development of society.

Our values

We live in a world of constant change, where being a person with values and strong foundations makes a fundamental difference in being able to face the challenges that arise along the way. Values are part of the well-rounded education provided by our school. We prepare Catholic, solidary, respectful, and analytical young boys with a high academic level.

Our identity, vision and values are concretely expressed in the profile we seek to develop in our students, which establishes a comprehensive view of the person that is enriched by the attributes of the International Baccalaureate learning community.

Our students’ profile

They research rigorously and seek the truth from a comprehensive perspective.

They have deep roots, as well as love for their country, their family, their school, and the world.

They are aware of their identity and mission as Christians in the world, cultivating their spiritual dimension and exercising it in their daily lives.

They are well-balanced, educated in the good use of their freedom, disciplined, and with personal mastery.

They know and accept themselves, working comprehensively on their personal development.

They engage with their reality, seeking to contribute to it through service, commitment and solidarity with those most in need.

They value and live a culture of care for our common house and of harmony with creation in all its forms of life.

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