The Parent Association (APAFA) is the group that represents parents in dialogue with the College, channeling their general efforts and concerns in the relationship with it and serving as a space for encounter and communication.
The APAFA board is chosen by the parents themselves for a period of two years.

  • Delegates

Classroom delegates are persons trusted by the school authorities, elected in each grade, as representatives and intermediaries between the College and other parents.
Its functions are aimed at being leaders to its degree, responsibly assuming the dissemination of the policies and reflections generated in the College, participating in the workspaces convened by management, developing the specific work plan with the parents of their degree and actively participate in the different activities presented by the College, inviting and motivating other families.

  • VCSP APP communication platform

Staying connected with parents is important to us, so we have a custom app “APP VCSP”. This application is a mobile platform that allows you to have closer, effective and faster communication between teachers, family, students and school.
It is the official means through which we send communications, newsletters, event posters, calendar of activities, among others.

  • Teachers

The “Pedagogy of Accompaniment” is the philosophy that encourages us in the delicate art of teaching. At the same time we promote personal discovery and deployment.
At St. Peter’s College, teachers are the basis of an educational environment focused on the integral development of the human being.
A teacher of our College understands himself as a thoughtful person, in continuous training and specialization.
Educating involves humanizing; therefore, give your best, seeking to respond to the challenges of the current time.

  • Teacher training program

We have a comprehensive plan of updating and professional development for our teachers that encompasses the personal and professional growth of each one.
It includes spaces of deepening in the fundamental elements of our educational project, as well as doctorates, master’s degrees, diplomas, conferences and seminars by specialists from the national and international level.
These trainings are joined by those of specialization in the areas of Communication, Mathematics, Psychomotority and spiritual days.

  • Ex student

One way to measure the impact of a school is by the contribution of its graduates to the development of the country and culture. We are very proud of our alumni, who in university and professional life are making their own the challenge of being protagonists of their time, standing out for their training in values, integrity, leadership and solidarity vision.