Patience, tolerance and love in times of social isolation.

Wednesday, April 1, with the kitchen shelves almost empty after more than two weeks of mandatory isolation, I put on my mask, gloves, sun glasses and a hat, and I get ready with market cart in hand to go out and get groceries for another week  of confinement, because my wife, unfortunately, is asthmatic and due to her condition I do not want her to get expose to the virus. That is why, today more than ever it is important to know how to balance responsibility as a husband, father and teacher who performs their work online from home during the days of COVID-19.

I bet that this does not sound strange to you, since, like me, many of you had, have and will have days with very similar activities. Even when we come back home, we must, in the first place, take all measures necessary  to enter our homes, and then collaborate with our children,  answering many questions about their school activities for the day and, instead of saying “finally, I’m done”, we should start work from home. In my case, for example, I have to coordinate with  students the academic activities they have, what they need to do and  also receive or send an email to a specific parent.

Therefore, we have become multi-faceted parents, and recently,  we need to do all at the same time and for the every day. Having said that, WE, the teachers,  are the first ones to understand what you are going through. I admire, in my fellow teachers and in parents in our country, their resilience, since, facing  so complicated times, children see our reactions and hear our comments, which are complex these days and we need, frequently, to transmit words of encouragement instead, because we are the first newscasts that they hear.

Unfortunately, facts don’t care about feelings, but we parents do.

Given the situation, it is up to us to send a positive message to our children about the school activities they are carrying out so that they find the necessary temperance, progress in the application of this new model of development of distance classes and achieve the necessary learning at their age. . In addition, being ‘digital natives’ is now their great opportunity to develop in those competencies that they like so much. We see it with this pandemic,  it is and will be subject to a series of changes. “People always fear change. People were afraid of electricity when it was invented, right? ”, So we must give them the tools to best face this new process. Cheer up, dear parents! Jobs said(2012)

Many of us have been anxious about this change. For example, to make a Powtoon, a video that I used to explain a topic, I invested approximately four hours in a recording that in the end lasted two and a half minutes. However, upon seeing what has been achieved, I was filled with joy, satisfaction, even pride, because I was able to elaborate for the first time something that I found very complicated. And our students? In training, you have to open their eyes and show them what they do every day, congratulate them and make them feel happy about it. It is necessary to help them  recognize that they are developing a great autonomy according to their age, since the fact of reading, organizing and fulfilling the assigned is a product of their Independence.

The sense of responsibility has increased, kids could dedicate themselves to games, but it is their commitment to their learning that moves them to fulfill and present what is requested, even that responsibility is observed when we see them connected at eight o’clock in the tomorrow for the initial tutorial video conference.

On the other hand, in terms of academics, we cultivate curiosity and develop the sustainability of inquiry skills by having immediate access to information and reflection by repeatedly associating the different contents of our subjects with the reality we are living.

The school always considered diversity in terms of the learning process of our students, and  maintains great flexibility in receiving the proposed activities, since we respect the different times that each student may have in said process.

Finally, while we all wait for this to stop, I believe that the best antidote is a ‘great’ dose of patience, tolerance and love, since an adequate coexistence is essential to live in harmony, minimize stress and be able to deal with new situations,

Well, many of our children have washed dishes or taken out the trash for the first time. Given this, we, the teachers, extend our hand to you parents so that together we can be, these days, the support that your children need in all aspects, emotionally, academically or socially.  So, as a true educational community, let us make it possible for them to get ahead during this unique and complicated times that we all have to live.

Juan Carlos Marín Camacho
Professor and tutor at Middle School San Pedro

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