Other Protagonists in times of Covid-19

Dear parents, we have to live in a very particular and historical time, where our Community  has been one of the main protagonists. Although it is the doctors, nurses, military, cleaning personnel (…) who are fighting and directly confronting the coronavirus, our educational community is also doing it from their own field. I affirm this because, despite the context of stand by of almost all activities, your young children have continued their education in a very admirable way, and have manage the fact of not being deprived of their human right, as fundamental as education, which, thanks to you , we can continue providing.

Since the quarantine began, parents, students and teachers have had to adapt to teaching, learning and accompanying in a distance learning context, which generates several challenges that your children and you have been overcoming as great protagonists.

Your children are protagonists by starting class, day by day, with great responsibility and good mood at 8:00 am to their tutorials where, together with their tutors, they make a prayer putting themselves in the hands of the Virgin Mary and asking God for health and well-being of their families.

They also review what they have to do in their day classes through the different autonomous work guides. They are exemplary protagonists because they have been striving to learn new topics and growing in their thinking, self-management, communication skills, among others, individually or in groups with the accompaniment and / or explanations of their teachers. They are protagonists when presenting the academic work they have in each school subject with a quality that is mostly outstanding, generating in their teachers a lot of joy for the evidence of their learning. For this exemplary role of your children, we congratulate them very much.

You, parents, are also main protagonists in this new context by providing the conditions  for your children to continue learning. You are protagonists by continuing to accompany and monitoring distance learning and ensuring compliance with the work of your boys. You, are protagonists by giving them a home in which they are protected and receive the affection and love necessary for their psycho-emotional well-being.

Finally, in this new context, our Catholic faith shows us the true protagonist of history: the Lord Jesus, who, with his life, death and resurrection offered us the light of hope to endure these difficult times. I urge you to ask him not to stop protecting you families and to give you the necessary light to continue facing, with great prominence, all the challenges that this time demands. We wish you a happy Easter.

Moshe Abensur
Professor of Social Studies and tutor of San Pedro

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