Lent in Family

For some weeks now, we have been witnessing a reality that has surprized many people. A similar situation has rarely been seen in recent decades: an infection that in a short time has become the object of concern worldwide.

I remember that in the previous months we thought that this disease was a very distant fact, concentrated in China and perhaps that the matter would end there. It did not raise many concerns.

Only a few days ago Covid-19 became even more serious. The coronavirus has become a pandemic that spread throughout  all continents and that is especially disturbing due to its unlimited expansion.

I share with you two reflections that can enlighten us, in order to get a spiritual benefit in this time of quarantine:

1.Focus your gaze on God

It is certainly a situation that surpasses us and that highlights our limitations, questions us and distresses us. The best way to get closer is to keep your gaze on who God is. That loving, provident and faithful Father who will always want the best of us. Let us not let anything or anyone take away the gift of faith and hope. Let us ask God for this grace to understand this situation.

2. Live the Lenten logic

Sometimes we have the concern to understand the divine logic and the designs of God. We can ask ourselves the question of the meaning of this epidemic in the world and in our own life. Will it bring any sign of God? Certainly pain, suffering and illness are a mystery. What can give us clarity is that by having a spiritual view of the current times we cannot forget that we are in the season of Lent, a time of reparation to live the Paschal mystery with intensity and that God transforms our hearts, and we need to achieve this: prayer, fasting and alms.

I think that living in quarantine is a very propitious occasion for these three attitudes.

Isn’t it the change of my plans and tastes a sacrifice that I can offer to the Lord?  it will not be our best way to fast, Isn’t it  beneficial to have more time for prayer when we often complain about time?

Isn’t it a beautiful occasion to pray for others, for the sick, for those who suffer the most, for those who are working for others?

How to help and serve those in need have a less selfish and indifferent attitude?

Let’s take advantage of this time to show solidarity, stay at home and be precautions, everything is for a social benefit. Rationalizing products and not hoarding them is an act of charity, mercy and sharing as a family, spending time to talk and sharing time with my beloved ones can be very refreshing.

I would like to end  quoting a few words that Pope Francis said: “May the Lord help you discover new ways, new expressions of love, of coexistence in this new situation. It is a beautiful opportunity to rediscover true affections with creativity in the family. ”

God bless you.

Sebastián Millán Contreras
Coordinator of the Department of Spirituality and Apostolate of Middle School
San Pedro School

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