Reflection in quarantine times

A worldwide disease.

We are living in a particular time, which can be an occasion for reflection on an illness that is having consequences throughout the world. This situation leads us to feel the experience of fragility more strongly, and to become aware of that we are not in control of. That is a reality that instead of scaring us should lead us to grow more in our trust in God, the Father creator, and do all we can do to avoid evil or disease.

But sometimes we forget this, especially those of us who are used to having everything under control, because of the life we ​​lead, the contacts we have, the money, prestige, knowledge, etc. Now it is experienced that none of this serves to free us from this disease, which makes no distinction of any kind. It also happens that this experience of fragility makes some people tense, nervous and excessively distressed. But we must not lose our calm, we must strive to be prudent and not stop raising our prayer to God.

I’d like to emphasize two attitudes: Responsibility and Solidarity.

To be responsible, with yourself and with the health of others. This would be called ”health of solidarity”, because it is not to think only of myself, but to think of others of those who are perhaps more vulnerable to this disease, I mean those who by having an illness, advanced age, or other reason, may catch the virus. Thinking about them, I take care of myself, and I don’t go out on the street.

Remember, it’s not just about thinking that I am and that I will be fine, but there are people, especially in our country. They’re not well, they don’t have health insurance that can protect them against this disease. It’s good to think about them and that’s why we want to have solidarity health measures, and be extremely responsible for following the directions of doctors and specialists of the Ministry of Health.

Be responsible also with my studies.

Ordinary classes have been cancelled, this does not means that we are on vacation, but we must follow the instructions of my teachers so that we can continue to learn and make it significant, in that way my learning does not stop. Let’s remember that every day is a great opportunity to learn something new, to be a little better than the day before.

Be supportive also when going shopping. Buy what you need, do not exaggerated, think that there are others who also need to feed themselves, who need basic things. In times like these is when we put in evidence our civics, culture, a country that knows how to look at the other and that is not selfish. For example, do not buy disinfectant gel in excess because maybe someone else needs this product urgently.

This times we are living cannot lead us to anguish, but to think how I can grow in the midst of adversity, what I can learn from it and how I can contribute using my abilities, gifts and talents that Gos has given me.

To be Solidary, to care, is also to pray for others, for those who have in their hands the great decisions of the country, for those who are sick and for those who are working in hospitals, risking their own lives for others.

Once I’ve heard : A Peruvian’s worst enemy is another Peruvian”, Let’s prove them wrong, I think this is an opportunity to show that a Peruvian’s best friend is another Peruvian. Let us be supportive and responsible with health and well-being of others.

Father Enrique Granados
Capellán of the schools Villa Caritas and San Pedro

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