Prefects Council Assembly 2020

The announcement assembly of the Council of Prefects 2020 was held, where 10th graders took on, with great pride, the leadership role in our school San Pedro.

The Prefects Project involves a formative dynamic that integrates and generates spaces for participation where our students deploy skills such as responsibility, demand and teamwork.

The Prefects 2020 Council is composed of the following students.

Head Prefect: Marco Navarro Stanic
Vice Prefect: Gonzalo Salazar Flores-Araoz
Prefect St. Luke: Juan Diego López Comitre
Prefect St. Mark: Dionisio Derteano Pinasco
Prefect St. Matthew: Lucciano Viacava Rincón
Prefect St. John: Joaquín Arévalo Corzo

They were chosen after a rigorous election process that involved the delivery of a curriculúm vitae, elaboration of a general presentation video, interviews and speeches of candidates, among others.


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