San Pedro CAM 2018 winner

In an atmosphere of excitement and expectation, the Grand Final of the XVII edition of the Musical Hearing Competition, organized by our schools, was held. Where more than 50 schools in Lima, the interior of Peru and a student of the San José de Colombia school participated.

After an arduous competition, we proudly announced that the first place was awarded to Juan Pablo Aguilar, student of our school, who thanks to his effort and dedication took a cultural exchange trip to Germany. The second place was obtained by César Gonzales Sotomarino, a student of the School of San José and El Redentor, and the third place, Sandra Milagros Alarcón of the Reina del Mundo school. In addition, we congratulate the student Maria Fernanda Velásquez, student of our school brother Villa Caritas, who had an outstanding participation.

In this edition, participants identified 15 to 1 second audition fragments of the compositions of three great French composers: Claude Debussy, Francois Couperin and Charles Gounod, the three French composers. Prior to the start of the Contest, students from the San Pedro and Villa Caritas Colleges presented a series of artistic interventions that revolved around the life and works of the authors.

Thanks to this contest, students can identify and enhance their musical skills and have the opportunity to exchange to other countries, enabling learning and enrichment at the cultural and personal level.

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