Children's Theatre

Students at Elementary and Middle School presented the works "Fables of Siempre" and "Dreams of a Summer Night" at the Coliseum of Villa Caritas College. This was a space for students to demonstrate their artistic gifts and talents.

The work Fables of always, by the students of Elementary School, narrates some of the best known fables of all time, which convey to us in a clear and simple way values such as honesty, solidarity and empathy.

On the other hand, Dreams of a Summer Night, played by the cast of Middle School, is one of the most popular comedies of the English playwright William Shakespeare, and tells the story of a kingdom of goblins and fairies, two couples in love and a group of actors afic ionados who meet in a forest. It's summer, it's night and anything is possible when the magical world collides with the real world encouraged by love.

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