Ictys Gold 2018

As part of our generator theme, "How do we build community? Working together we went further," the ICTYS Gold award was held for students from 5th to 11th grade. This ceremony rewarded the effort and commitment made throughout the year in different modalities within the categories of English, Spanish and Cultural Projects.

In this ceremony we were accompanied by the parents, who enjoyed artistic presentations. In addition, we relive the best songs and scenes from the play "La Isla", presented on this year's Talent Show.

In an atmosphere of expectation and emotion, the statuettes were given to the following students:


Short story: Alonso Icochea Prieto
Declamation: Carlos Ramos Medina
Essay: Alexander Sablich Iraola
Poetry: Santiago Guzmán Urbina

Poetry performance: Vincenzo Viacava Rincón
Poetry composition: Ignacio Cárdenas Schenone
Short story: Santiago Gutierrez Seminar
Recitation: Alonso Navas Azerrad
Writing poetry: Mateo Rodríguez Bambaren and Vincenzo Viacava Rincón
Narrative: Nicolás Noriega Osores
Essay: Sebastian Ramos Medina
Cultural Projects:

Middle School

Winning Project: "Bullying Alert"
Teachers in charge: Berbell Garibaldi and Julio Ramirez

Members: André Quimper, Ariano Bellido, Bruno Gallardo, Diego Somocurcio, Franco Aramayo, Gianluca Cafferata, Iago Mohanna, Ian Nolte, Ignacio Molinari, Ignacio Teullet, Jalil Abugattas, Joaquín Cumpa, Juan Pablo Castillo, Marcelo Delgado, Mariano Cumpa, Mateo del Aguila, Nael Ode, Nicolás Cortéz, Renzo Gonzáles, Salvador Bustamante, Sebastián Sánchez-León, Vasco Aramayo, Gabriel Berry Sanchez, Gustavo Belaunde Rojas, Rodrigo Kcomt Villavicencia, Franco del Negro Shejadeh and Ignacio Herrera Vargas.

High School VC-SP (Mixed Project)

Winning Project: "With the Eyes of the Soul: BRN"
Teachers in charge: Carmen Chipoco, Cecilia Gomez and Lila Quiroz

Members: Aitana Zubiate Velarde, Arianna Marrou Palti, Isabella Carbone Segura, Macarena Valencia Puiggrós, Maria Fe Nieto Castillo, Maria Fernanda Carranza, Maria Gracia Márquez Tello, Nicole Gómez-Sánchez Bello, Nicole Orams Cornejo, Sabrina Alamo Sobrevilla, Salma Salem Cruzado, Valeria Picasso, Eduardo Galdos Távara, Gregorio Tijero Larrabure, Manuel Olano Guzmán, Sebastián Fernández Blanco and Serván Guadalupe.

This edition of our ICTYS aimed to reflect our students on the contribution they can make from different areas to achieve a change in society by working as a team and to be able to go further.

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