School Games 2018

In the anniversary framework of our schools, we celebrate the School Games, a sporting event in which our entire educational community participates: parents, students, alumni and workers. Ximena Bisso, director of the Villa Caritas College, began this celebration with a message: "Peruvian selection has left us a great lesson, no matter where you are, no matter how far down you are but if you put everything on your side, if you try sincerely, if you try sincerely, if you try sincerely, if you work as a team, we can achieve great goals."
On the other hand, the sports manager and alumnus of the San Pedro school, Franco Lanata, encouraged the students: "We compete with excellence, courage, claw, healthy self-love, affection to our House and giving everything. Let us live all the values and virtues that we believe in and that we strive to live day by day in our schools. To celebrate then who we are, a great family."
The traditional lighting of the Olympic torch was carried out by the students Camila Velarde and Tomás Bello, athletes of the year 2017, thus marking the opening of the School Games.
The participants of the Houses participated in different sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball, chess, swimming, among others. All four teams made the most of their abilities and did their best.
The closing was filled with joy and expectation to meet this year's winner. Patricia Espinosa, Director of San Pedro College, fired the 2018 School Games leaving us the following message: "They have been school games where our Peruvian team has entered the competition and played with all the claw, we have learned to win and lose. We have gained unity, hope, strategy and high competition." Ximena Bisso, Director of Villa Caritas College left us the following message: "This experience that we are living is what we are as a school, we are a family, each of us with this strong identity, with this great spirit loving your House and your school" .
After several minutes of waiting and after a close and exciting competition, it was announced that the House winner: Saint Mark. We congratulate you on your good performance and teamwork. Saint Luke took second place, third place, Saint Matthew and fourth Saint John.

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