New technologies: opportunity for education management

As part of the teacher training spaces prior to the start of the school year, the prestigious and recognized Spanish José Antonio Alcazar, Master in Family Educational Advice, shared with our teachers their vast experience and best practices as an educator and director of the company Identitas Personalized Education Advisors.

His presentation revolved around the use of new technologies on the Internet and aimed to provide findings on meaningful inclusion of them in teaching spaces, as well as to publicize the latest trends in Education Sciences for boost classroom learning.

In this context, he emphasized the importance of using different methods and rebuilding the teaching model not only because each student is different, but also taking into account the amount of information that anyone can access on the network. "You can't teach in class what's already on the Internet," he said. Under the same thematic axis, he also emphasized the importance of the teacher as a counselor to avoid the risks and dangers of the virtual world: "It is an added value that the teacher must have as a mentor to teach them to educate in today's reality," he said Expert. In this sense, he highlighted the importance of setting limits and standards in the use of digital devices, as well as having the willingness and openness to use this type of tools as part of his class on occasions when he joins learning.

This talk further motivated our teachers to reflect on the challenges of teaching in order to integrate new technologies as an opportunity to strengthen the teaching practice based on their deep knowledge and study.

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